The Waltham Circle Manifesto

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At the beginning of 2009 Alain Viande received a very tempting call to New York. After some vacillation he decided to remain in Waltham. Therefore, on this occasion, for the first time it became clear to him and us that there is such a thing as the 'Waltham Circle' – taking as its central doctrine the lack of a central doctrine – which goes on developing this (non)mode of thought in a (quasi)collaborative (pseudo)effort.

The Waltham Circle is composed of a number of students from the Brandeis University graduate philosophy M.A. Program. Its expanse covers philosophy of language, philosophy of mind, epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, and so on. Its purpose is to facilitate the exchange of ideas, philosophical musings, and, where possible, the exchange of phone numbers.

This circle has no rigid organization (or designation); the circle consists of people of an equal and basic distance from the center; each individual endeavors to fit into the circumference, each has common roundabout ties, none wishes to disturb the links through idiosyncrasies or unwarranted expansions beyond the radius. In many cases one can deputize for another, organizing in their name a posse.

The Waltham Circle aims at making contact with those similarly disoriented and at influencing those who are not so disposed, and in that sense it carries on in the spirit of the now defunct Waltham Moral Sciences Club.

Waltham, September 2009.